Emergency preparedness workshops- ‘Can you do 72’?

Today Cockburn SES set off for the first Cockburn Emergency Preparedness ‘Can you do 72’ workshop held by the Cockburn Council. Town of Cockburn residents, emergency services, council staff and Mayor Logan Howlett and his wife attended.

 It was a very informative presentation where we learnt about ‘Grab Bags’ (a condensed evacuation kit), emergency kits and emergency plans for humans and animals.There was a great display of emergency pamphlets ranging from preparedness to recovery.


We got the opportunity to talk to Cockburn residents and share information and ideas. At the end we were each presented with a Survival Grab bag, with lots of important items needed in the first 72 hours of evacuation.  These bags are great as they have room to make them your own and add clothes etc.

There are still places available, members of the community and the Cockburn Team arewelcome to attend the upcoming sessions. Please visit http://www.cockburn.wa.gov.au/ for more information.

Additionally, if you would information about how to make your own evacuation kit and plan, see the preparedness section of our website, under ‘Community’.