May Bowser Nominated for the Peter Keillor Award!

May_BowserCongratulations to May Bowser who has been nominated for the Peter Keillor Award 2013! The award is given to one SES member each year, who has made an outstanding contribution to the community through their service in the SES. May has gone above and beyond in her commitment to the community and our unit, helping with much of the ‘behind the scenes’ work in both an operational and peace time context. May puts in an extraordinary amount of hours into SES, not only is she our Operations Officer but also a peer support member!

The DFES film team will visit base in the next few weeks to produce a film short all about May and her work in the SES.

All recipients will be announced at the 2013 State Emergency Service Awards to be held on Saturday 21 September 2013 as part of the 2013 WA Fire and Emergency Services Conference at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Furthermore, Cockburn SES seems to be very blessed with dedicated members who demonstrate not only a high level of competency but an outstanding committment to the community and our unit. This is denoted by last year’s winner of the Peter Keillor award, none other than our very own Keith Drayton!

Stay tuned for more information!