Cockburn SES Christmas Party 2013

pic 2The christmas party is a time to look back at all the great things which happened in the year, say thank you to all our members who contribute so much, say goodbye to 2013, and give out our annual unit awards!
The ‘Drayton Shield for Member of the Year’ went to Erica Honey in recognition of her efforts in helping the unit achieve a high level of preparedness, a high profile in the community and a vibrant social life.
2013-12-07 22.41.12
The ‘Outstanding Newcomer Award’ went to Michael Osenbaugh for outstanding commitment to operations, training and the day-to-day running of the unit.
2013-12-07 20.46.50
A ‘Meritorious Service Award’ went to Digby Munro for demonstrating cultural leadership by showing us, in all his interactions with others, how we should behave towards each other.
2013-12-07 20.48.43The Dunny Seat Award went to Keith and Beth Drayton for “Camp Septic Haven”.
Congratulations to all our award recipients!
The christmas present this year was a water bottle with the SES logo and each person’s name on it. The water bottle can be used around base to help reduce our use of plastic bottles and of course out and about, away from SES! Many thanks to Trish’s innovative company ‘Onya’, which focuses on environmentally friendly products, who generously accomodated our needs.
Thank you to Tracey Crocker and Debra Smith for the photos, Drew for the music and to everyone who helped out with preparation and on the night including Nita, Deb, Naomi and Kim.
pic 1