Emergency ID Spot

Thanks to Kylie for passing this on:

emerg ID spot

“Lifesaving emergency information now available on the SPOT!

A new patient information program designed to improve emergency care for people involved in car crashes or suffering serious illness at home has been released in Australia, following the success of similar programs in the United States which have been credited with saving thousands of lives.

Emergency ID Spots, which are endorsed by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service, are placed on a vehicle’s rear window or the front door of a house to alert police, paramedics and other first responders that a patient’s critical health information can be found inside, either in the glove box, on the sun visor or on the fridge.

The information, such as allergies, prescription medications, previous surgeries, pre-existing conditions and other vital information can ensure the best emergency treatment is administered during the ‘golden hour’ – the first 60 minutes or so after a serious accident or acute health event which can often mean the difference between life and death” (Emergency ID 2014)

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