Storm season arrives- are you ready?

Ses riders of the storm

‘Dangerous storms are the most common natural hazard in Australia and on average, cause more damage and destruction than cyclones, earthquakes, floods and bushfires.

Each year from May to October, storms, including, tornados, thunder, lightning, hail, flash flooding and gale force winds impact Western Australia (WA) causing major destruction to the southern half of WA, from Kalbarri to Israelite Bay.

As storms are unpredictable, felt locally and happen in smaller areas their devastating impact is often underestimated.

Storms not only cause damage to homes, property and businesses, they also pose a threat to people, animals and the environment.

The financial and community cost can be lessened with better planning and by preparing your home and family to stay safe and reduce the damage.

This includes securing or removing loose material from around their home or work, finding safe shelter during a storm, driving safely during heavy rain and staying away from powerlines and flooded areas after a storm.

To keep informed about the latest weather information visit or call 1300 659 213.’ (DFES)

Click on the link below to download the pamphlet:

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For information on emergency preparedness, emergency plans and kits visit the ‘community’ section of our website:


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