Cockburn SES on Channel 10 news tonight!

Watch channel 10 news tonight 5pm- 6pm to see Cockburn SES’s District Officer William Blackshaw and our members Daniel Salay and Bryan Detlaff show how to get ready for storm season! William will discuss what is needed to get ready and our… crew will show what we do to get operationally ready. Getting ready for storm season is a team effort, it takes SES and you!
Happy viewing and thanks Daniel and Bryan for their time today

Goodluck to Queensland SES

Photo courtesy of Queensland State Emergency Service.

Photo courtesy of Queensland State Emergency Service.

Best of luck to our QLD SES friends, emergency workers and the community as they prepare for Cyclone Ita.

Read more about Cyclone Ita at:

If your family would like to know more about preparing for emergencies, visit:

Emergency ID Spot

Thanks to Kylie for passing this on:

emerg ID spot

“Lifesaving emergency information now available on the SPOT!

A new patient information program designed to improve emergency care for people involved in car crashes or suffering serious illness at home has been released in Australia, following the success of similar programs in the United States which have been credited with saving thousands of lives.

Emergency ID Spots, which are endorsed by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service, are placed on a vehicle’s rear window or the front door of a house to alert police, paramedics and other first responders that a patient’s critical health information can be found inside, either in the glove box, on the sun visor or on the fridge.

The information, such as allergies, prescription medications, previous surgeries, pre-existing conditions and other vital information can ensure the best emergency treatment is administered during the ‘golden hour’ – the first 60 minutes or so after a serious accident or acute health event which can often mean the difference between life and death” (Emergency ID 2014)

Emergency ID 2014.

Thank you and congratulations

Congratulations to our new Logistics Officer, Tracey Crocker and also to Beth Drayton for 22 years service to SES!
A big thank you to our previous logistics officer Thomas Pryce-Howells, who has put in a phenomenal amount of his own time and a tremendous effort to help our unit be operationally ready. Thank you and Congratulations!

Cyclone Christine Eases

cyclone christine 2Good news for everyone as the worst of cyclone Christine has now passed. SES deployed 2 members from the metro region to the Pilbara whilst another 3 teams of 8 people (and a list of 16 as reserves) were on standby for 30 hours. Best wishes to those families who’s properties sustained damage in the cyclone and thank you to SES members who as per usual, have gone above and beyond to be ready to help the community. Happy new year!

Emergency Preparedness Report 2013

Building on from the 2012 report, the 2013 publication has been further enhanced. In particular, the capability-based approach, used in the 2012 report, was refined to include a balance of both strategic and operational elements. It shows the State’s preparedness for large-scale emergencies against 10 capability areas and 30 core objectives.

The report may be of interest to anyone with an interest in emergency management and also helps to provide an understanding of what the focus in emergency management in WA currently is. Please visit the link below, to view the emergency preparedness report, fresh off the press!

Wall e has a home!

wall e 13

Wall e was rescued from inside a wall by Cockburn SES a couple of weeks ago. After a short stay for observation at Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital, Wall e now has a home with Kaitlyn, a final year veterinary student who is just a few weeks from graduating. Kaitlyn tells us that pint sized Wall e has settled in nicely and has the run of the house. Above is a picture of Wall e playing with her new friend the german shepherd. Wall e is one very lucky cat!


New Bushfire Survival Guide from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES)

A new bush fire survival guide has been produced by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) (Formerly FESA), it details the necessary preparations to ensure your family are properly prepared, can safely survive a fire and what to do after a fire. The guide states that planning ‘is critical’. Bushfires are relevent to people in the urban rural interface not just in the country and we encourage all homes to have a written and practiced evacuation plan and a back up plan for emergencies that can occur. To see the new guide go to:

The DFES website is very useful and has alerts and other important information which is your first ‘go to’ place for the most up to date information in an emergency.

Also, have a look at our website’s community section which also has some great information on evacuation kits for humans and animals.

Community Preparedness: Evacuation Kits for Humans and Animals

Community Preparedness: We would like to introduce the newest section of the Cockburn SES website, which includes information on evacuation kits for humans and animals, recommended for urban and rural homes in the case of an emergency (e.g. fire). It is also recommended that every home has a written and practiced emergency plan. Please see the ‘Community’ page on our website for more information and really useful links so we can all stay safe as the summer progresses!

Cockburn SES Social Media- It’s For Our Community and Our Members

Do you live or work in the City of Cockburn or are you interested in the work SES does? Our website and facebook page are for our community AND our valued SES team, feel welcome to share our website and facebook page with your friends and family, we aim to make the information relevant for everyone and encourage our community to get involved in emergency prevention and preparedness, whether it is education or preparing our own properties to reduce damage and keep safe! Our website and facebook continue to grow, stay tuned for more information!