Disaster Preparedness

This weekend, Cockburn SES will be assisting the Cockburn Council with a ‘Can you do 72’ Disaster preparedness workshop for the community! There will be 4 sessions in total if you would like to attend, see: http://www.cockburn.wa.gov.au/ . We are really looking forward to attending! Below is some more information on the work shop and a great link to emergency preparedness, it has some really important points, worth a read!

DISASTER PREPAREDNESS WORKSHOPS “Can you do 72? – Are you prepared?” As you know disasters are becoming more frequent and with greater intensity with this in mind; the workshops key focus is on building resilience; particularly in the preliminary 72 hour post disaster period; increasing community self-reliance and personal preparedness. Workshops will cover topics such as “Instruction on developing a Family Communication & Disaster Plan” and “How to develop and maintain a disaster preparedness kit” an emergency grab bag, pet welfare and lots more. Dates Available: 9th, 10th Feb or 17th, 23rd March Places are limited and registration is essential

http://www.cockburn.wa.gov.au/documents/CouncilServices/Emergency/Preparing_for_the_Unexpected_Text.pdfention and preparedness in emergencies that can affect you.