How to Prepare for Storm Season

How to Prepare for Storm Season

Storm season in Perth occurs mostly during the winter months when homes are subject to wild weather such as damaging winds and rain. It is important however to note that storms can occur in any season, and seasonal maintenance of your home can assist greatly with preparation for these events and in reducing damage.

The types of maintenance that are recommended to be carried out on your home  include the professional assessment and trimming of tree branches which may be at risk of damaging your home in a storm. Clearing leaf litter from gutters seasonally or installing gutter protectors is another way to prevent and prepare for storms. Clearing leaf litter seasonally minimizes the leaf litter which can collect there. Leaf litter can be a problem as it may block the flow of water down the roof in heavy rains and may lead to increased risk of flooding in your home. When cleaning leaf litter it is advisable to employ safe practices and a ladder with a safety rating. If you are unable to clear your leaf litter, then employing the use of a professional is recommended.

The Bureau of Meterology.

The Bureau of Meteorology has a great website which is useful in the event of weather preparation and planning.

For example, when severe storms are predicted, you can log onto the website and see what type of storms are predicted which can help your family to prepare.

Visit the Website at:

DFES Alerts

When storms hit, follow the DFES (Formerly FESA) Alerts and warnings, the most up to date warnings will be available at the following website