Media articles

August 2014
Cockburn gazette, ‘Students learn from the experts’. Cockburn SES Cadets train with Cockburn SES! Visit the link below to see the article:

August 2014
August edition of the Cockburn Soundings ‘Staying safe during storms’. How to keep your family, pets and property safe during a storm.To view the article, visit page 8 on the link below:

August 2014
Cockburn Gazette, ‘Car slams into house’ reports on Cockburn SES response to a car which crashed in to a local house. Visit the link below to view:

July 2014
Cockburn gazette, ‘Damage and Power cuts in wake of storm’. SES response to tornado. Visit the link below to read the article:

March 2014

‘Cadets learn new skills’ in the 24/7 magazine which also featured in the Community Times newspaper in 2013.

May 2013:

Cockburn SES has featured in the media several times recently. May’s photo featured on May 15th in the West Australian regarding the Hall’s Head search, Keith’s photo was featured in last week’s (May 21st) Cockburn gazette page 17 due to our team’s response to the recent storms(visit:  and the week prior (May14th), there was a front page feature on the looming storm season and our unit’s role, again, in the Cockburn Gazette (visit:! It is because of our skills and the amazing effort of our entire team that enables us to do the things we do, thanks everyone:)

January 2013

News Footage from Channel 10 with members from the Cockburn SES assisting the police with a forensic search on Rottnest Island.

November 2012:

This year Cockburn SES and South Coogee Bush Fire Brigade moved into the new Cockburn Emergency Services Building. Attached is an article from the City of Cockburn ‘Soundings’ Magazine, all about the big event!

Cockburn Soundings Magazine November 2012

May 2012

Member Steve Crawford, a finalist for SES Youth award 2012

April 2012:

‘Riders of the Storm’. This is an article from the Commmunity Newspaper on our unit, storm season preparation and the phenomenal April storms we attended. Three cheers for our SES photo of Kim, Kylie and Digby!