Support and welfare

Peer supporters

‘Peer Support is a program built around the provision of group and individual techniques for assisting people affected by critical incident stress and other personal issues. The program has a network of approx 100 trained members throughout Western Australia representing all DFES operational divisions. If the matter is urgent or life threatening please call the EAP profesional counselling or Crisis Care on 08 9223 111.  If you would like to get in contact with a peer supporter you can phone the Welfare Coordinator (08 9323 9363) or see below current peer supporters in your region. Be aware that the peer supporter may not answer your call first time, but please leave a message or keep trying.


DFES has a fulltime Chaplain supported by regional chaplains who operate on a voluntary basis to provide pastoral care and attend to related chaplaincy matters. The Chaplaincy provides a vital service during emergencies for both FESA people and the public. Additional services include critical incident stress management, social and welfare issues, grief support and individual or group counselling.  The Chaplaincy may also undertake religious ceremonies for DFES people and often participates in official functions. This service is closely linked to other DFES support programs such as Peer Support, and EAP. The Chaplain’s contact number is 08 9485 7800 (pager).’

Reference: SES Volunteer Association