Congratulations to Beth Drayton and Alan Worrall

Featured in the October Cockburn Surroundings Newsletter:
Congratulations to our amazing SES members, Beth Drayton who has contributed 30 years of service, and Alan Worrall who has given 25 years to SES. Day and night through various emergencies and disasters. It’s not just the many years of service to us, it’s the high level of expertise and dedication they bring to our unit and the wider community. Over the years they’ve performed various roles; administration, finance, catering, unit historian, radios/communications, and rescue- just to name some! We deeply appreciate your service, more than you’ll ever know! Also, congratulations to our emergency service volunteers across the City of Cockburn!

AGM 2022

Thanks to our members for attending the AGM last night and, announcing our 2022 unit photo!

Congratulations to Tamara and Darryl for becoming committee representatives and to our officers holding ongoing positions.

RUOK day-are they triple Ok?

This RUOK day we had a talk from Cockburn SES’s Peer Support Officer Nita and our very own ‘You Thrive, We Thrive’ Ambassador Steve. They talked about how to ask RUOK, and about listening and holding space. That anyone can ask RUOK! You don’t need a qualification.

Steve also talked about how his hobby and passion, racing, helps him to thrive. He brought his racing mates and their cars:

A big thanks to BS Racing

Jarrod Sewell Racing

Adrian Burney Rallying

Chicane Team Racing

Jay Cruickshank

BR Media


DFES Fire Ratings are Changing

🔥 ‘Fire Danger Ratings are changing 🔥

Today our Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson MLC and Commissioner Darren Klemm AFSM announced the roll out of the new Australian Fire Danger Rating System from tomorrow, 1 September.

Fire Danger Ratings (FDR) can be a critical early trigger for you to enact your bushfire plan. Understanding the changes will help you make decisions that could save your life.

❓ Why is the system changing?

The existing FDR are based on science that is over 60 years old, and only covers a third of Australia’s vegetation types. The new system incorporates 22 fuel types into 8 fire behaviour models, which are tailored to how fire moves in that vegetation. This more accurate modelling means more locally accurate predictions.

❓ What does it mean for you?

A simplified but more locally relevant system that is consistent across the country. No matter where you go in Australia, the new Fire Danger Rating System remains the same, giving you clear recommended actions to prepare and protect your family at each level.

❓ Where can you find the FDR for your area?

Fire Danger Ratings, Total Fire Bans and warnings can be found on

Post courtesy of DFES

SES Storm Response

Over the last 72 hours of storms, our team has completed 26 requests for assistance for storm damage, with one large task taking 7 hours to complete.

Thank you to our teams for going above and beyond and helping the community.

We hope that those families that have been affected by the storms, have a speedy recovery and get back to normal life soon.

Storm Season is coming

Time to clean your gutters and trim your trees – storms are on their way. Every year, storms, including rain, tornadoes, lightning, hail, flash flooding and gale force winds, cause major destruction across Western Australia. By preparing your property ahead of time, you can reduce the risk of damage.

Here are a few things you can do to prepare your home and families for storms:

Trim branches around your home to prevent them falling on your roof or car.

Clear gutters and downpipes so they do not overflow after heavy rain.

Store or weigh down loose objects around your home or work, such as outdoor furniture and trampolines, that could be picked up and thrown by strong winds, causing damage or injury.

Prepare an emergency kit with a battery operated radio, torch, spare batteries and first aid kit.

Remember, if a storm has badly damaged your home and you can’t safely fix it yourself, SES volunteers are there to help. If you need assistance call 132 500.